Website Upgrade Announcement – 26 April 2021

Hello to all of our Friends, Neighbors, and Visitors of Northwest Florida!

We wanted to announce that we’re in the process of upgrading our internet presence, which includes a new domain name and website enhancements.

We felt that the length of our old domain name was a little long and decided to shorten it.

Our old domain will still work, but will now automatically forward to our new domain:

We’ll also be changing over to a new email system, which means changes to our email accounts, but we’ll continue to receive email at our previous accounts for some time. We’ll publish this information in greater detail on our contact page soon.

Issues with certain website functionality might happen occasionally, but we welcome any feedback and appreciate your patience and understanding.

If you have any difficulty with our website, have any questions, or if we can help you with an HVAC or Appliance issue, please don’t hesitate to call or email us or visit our store.

We sincerely appreciate all of our wonderful customers and look forward to seeing you soon!